Occupy Legends

    Can you believe that on the date I'm writing this, it has been 2,372 days and 56,917 hours since Occupy Campus Ministry, formerly known as His Legacy Ministries was launched?! It is so crazy to think that we have been consistently impacting college students on the university campus since 2016 and are now launching our 3rd campus.

    We have launched our initiative Occupy Legends, which is the official name of our global alumni association. Occupy Legends was formed to be a touchpoint for all of the alumni that have come through Occupy. Occupy legends will be a catalyst for our expansion initiatives, serve as mentors for new staff and volunteers and will be the first to know of new expansion plans and events coming for the ministry. 

    We're asking that all of our Occupy alumni consider a partnership with us to help us build and expand Occupy to universities across the globe. When you partner with us you choose a partnership level from one of our 3 tiers to help us expand, further Occupy cares and build for the future. With the economy being the way it is right now we realize this may seem like a big ask, your monthly gift is not only appreciated but needed to stretch Occupy to its fullest capacity.

    The benefits of joining Occupy Legends include:

    • Exclusive access at alumni events.
    • Dedicated resources to assist you with post secondary education life.
    • Access to Occupy Global events with priority seating and accomodations.
    • Detailed insights to Occupy funding and financial reports.
    • Quarterly Occupy Legends VIP box.

    We hope that you will consider partnering with us and join Occupy Legends.



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