"We can change the world from here."


Occupy is a diverse campus ministry that is dedicated to spreading the Word of GOD and has radically changed the landscape of campus ministry on college campuses. The collegiate men and women in Occupy are dedicated to serving GOD and making an impact on-campus and in the community. Occupy holds its revolutionary OCCUPY services on college campuses which integrates Dynamic Worship, Relevant Word, and a Life-Changing Atmosphere. These services bring together not only students but community members as well, and sends waves across campus and within the community with the power that comes forth from them. Additionally, Occupy has Life Groups that meet weekly to cultivate community on campus and allow students to further study the Word of GOD in a small group setting. Occupy seeks to continue to open the door for all to come to Christ on the college campus and provide multiple outlets for students to discuss their faith and fellowship. Occupy seeks to be a catalyst of change on the college campus and we'd love for you to connect with us further and become a part of something greater than yourself and experience what GOD has in store for you.